Welcome to ScoreDoom!
ScoreDoom makes the classic game Doom even more fun!

ScoreDoom (and ScoreDoomST) is a port for the original Doom and Doom II by id Software.

ScoreDoom is a modernized version of Doom, thanks to its inheritence from the ports zdoom, gzdoom and skulltag.

It also increases the fun factor for single player and co-op by adding a simple but deep scoring system, that fits in perfectly with the Doom game-play people love.

The optional ScoreDoom Add-on Pack adds a ton of new enemies and powerups to keep the gameplay fresh.

For the latest ScoreDoom release info & updates, check out the news page.

Reasons to play ScoreDoom instead of vanilla Doom:

Download ScoreDoom/ScoreDoomST and extra add-ons here

ScoreDoom vs ScoreDoomST

ScoreDoom is the 'offline' version. ScoreDoomST is the internet multiplayer co-op version.

ScoreDoom is meant to be played single-player, where you are either taking on the global hi-score for the level and total global hi-score for the game (wad) you are playing, or simply competing against your local hi-scores. The global hi scores and the names of the players who set them are hosted online, as well as displayed in-game for others to see.

ScoreDoomST is for online co-op competative play where the winner is the player to finish the game with the highest score, or the first to hit a point-limit, or have the highest score after the last map in a map rotation.

ScoreDoom and ScoreDoomST have seperate add-on packs, but by and large the extra monsters and artifacts are very similar.

It is possible to play regular ScoreDoom on a LAN or online, but it is recommended for players to have a fast connection.