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  • Different Modes, Incompatible Save Games, Purple Text!
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  • ScoreDoomST Server Hosting Tips
  • Multiplayer Co-op: Using the Spycam to warp to other players.
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ScoreDoom Credits

ScoreDoom Developer &  add-on pack mixer : BilboHicks (a.k.a. ddraigcymraeg)

Gun_Psycho, DragonsBrethren, Doom64Hunter, Edward850, dljosef, The Green Herring, NovaDragon, DavidB1000 & H2Omelon for QA and beta-testing,
which has helped me increase the quality of the mod significantly

ID Software, Monolith Software, 3D Realms

Graf Zahl, Randy Heit, Gez for zdoom & gzdoom & help

Torr Samaho for Skulltag & Skulltag source code help

Carnevil for Skulltag & Skulltag 0.97C2 source release

BlackCecil05 for the video replays

Eriance and the Demon Eclipse team for artifact powerup graphics.

Xaser, Jimmy 91, Skulltag Team for extra powerup ideas and graphics

Tormentor667 for the promotion of zdoom custom monsters.

WildWeasel, DBThanatos for their custom zdoom content, which I learnt a lot from.

Enjay, for supplying the BBA.rff (BBA.wad) of the Bloodbath Announcer

Everyone else, I forgot.

Custom Content Credits:
(Disclaimer: For some monsters I've made minor alterations, like changing the health. For others I also made some other changes to help incorporate them into the mod. Also, I tried my best to give credit to the people who submitted the monsters directly. Please check out's Beastiary for more comprehensive credits. Much of the work was based on content provided by id software and others.)

	Arachnophyte		--Xaser, Quasar
	ChainsawZombie		--Bouncy, Graf Zahl
	PlasmaZombie		--Bouncy, Tormentor667
	RapidFireTrooper	--NMN, Tormentor667, Graf Zahl
	RocketGuy		--The Innocent Crew
	StealthFighter		--Obtic
	ZombieMarine		--Bouncy, Ixnatiful
	ZombieRailgunner 	--Tormentor667
	ZombieTank		--Enjay
	ChaingunMajor		--Vader
	SSGZombie		--Skulltag
	SuicideBomber		--Tormentor667
	ChaingunGuy2		--Eriance
	NamiDarkImp		--Nanami
	STDarkImp		--Vader, Nanami, Carnevil
	VoidDarkImp		--Vader, Cyb
	Devil			--Eriance
	Shadow			--Vader
	SlimeImp		--Dutch Devil
	SnakeImp		--Cyb
	StoneImp		--Espi
	SuperImp		--Optic, Graf Zahl
	Imptrite		--Neoworm
	BloodDemonClone 	--Neoworm, Carnevil, Vader
	Bloodfiend 		--Eriance
	HotDog			--Eriance
	MaulerDemon		--Eriance, Kristus, KDiZD Team
	NightmareDemon 		--AgentSpork
	PlasmaDemon		--Dutch Devil, Tormentor667
	Satyr			--Vader, Nanami
	PoisonSoul		--Neoworm
	Terror			--Tormentor667
	CacolanternClone 	--Lexus Alyus, Carnevil
	CacoLich1		--Vader
	EnhancedCacodemon 	--Tormentor667
	HellGuard 		--Espi
	HellWarrior		--Vader, Tormentor667
	Afrit			--Nanami
	ArchonOfHell		--Eriance
	BelphegorClone 		--Nanami, Carnevil
	BruiserDemon 		--Vader
	HellsFury		--Tormentor667, Vader
	LordofHeresy		--Vader, Tormentor667, Bouncy
	WarlordOfHell		--Tormentor667
	RailArachnotron 	--Tormentor667
	PlasmaElemental		--The Ultimate Doomer, The Dark Archon
	TorturedSoul		--Xaser, Assmaster
	Inferno			--Eriance
	Deathknight		--Eriance
	Incarnate		--Eriance
	Hectebus		--AgentSpork, Carnevil
	Diabloist		--Eriance
	CyberMastermind		--Nanami
	Demolisher		--Eriance
	Annihilator		--Eriance
	Soul Harvester		--Vader, Tormentor667
	Bat Familiar	-- Espi, Nanami
	Catharsi		--Tormentor667, RottKing
	Imp Warlord		--Espi, Nanami
	Ghoul			--Eriance
	Fallen			--Eriance
	Sabre Blade		--Phobos
	Warlord of Hell 	--Tormentor667
	Netherworld Drone	--Chilvence, Tormentor667
	Netherworld Queen	--Chilvence, Tormentor667
	Avatar			--Eriance
	Scourge        --Captain Toeneil
	Flame Wyvern	--Chopkinsca
	StoneDemon 		--Jimmy91
	Infernux Grand  --Mechadon
	Maxibus 		--Captain Toeneil
	SpatterTron 	--JL_Harkster
	Balor 			--Ghastly Dragon
	Ethereal Soul   --Neoworm
	HellRose 		--NeoWorm
	Thamuz			--DBThanatos, Jimmy91
	FZombieSoldier  --DBThanatos (& others?)
	LasercannonZombie --DBThanatos (& others?)
	Hellsmith & Hellsmith Apprentice --Eriance (& others?)
	Amachotron		--Jimmy91
	Malevonant		--DBThanatos,Jimmy91
	FUziGuy    		--DBThanatos (& others?)
	FCommander		--DBThanatos (& others?)
	Azanigin		--DBThanatos (& others?)
	ChaingunnerTank --Jimmy91
	ApprenticeofDsparil --Bouncy, Tormentor667
	InfernalSpider, Crackodemon	-- IcyTux
	Nailborg 		--Neoworm, Mechadon
	FusionSpider	--Tormentor667, InsanityBringer
	Vulgar			--Eriance
	Dune Warrior	--Tormentor667, Neoworm
	Watcher			--Eriance
	Hellstorm Archon --Eriance
	DBTPawn (CyberSpectre Demon) --DBThanatos & Neoworm
	Helemental       --Eriance
	ZSec Zombie			--CaptainToenail & Ghastly Dragon
	Arachno-Baron (aka ArachnotronofHell), Armored Imp --Dark_Knight
	Obsidian Statue --Ghastly Dragon
	Agathodemon --Jimmy91
	Spirit Imp -- Ghastly Dragon & Tormentor667
	Core Tentacle -- Eriance
	Thor -- Starscream
	Illus -- Ghastly Dragon
	Nightmare Cacodemon -- Bouncy, Graf Zahl
	PsychicSoul -- Maelstrom
	TornadoDemon --- Maelstrom
	DarknessRift ---Ghastly Dragon
	CyberBaron --  Ben2k9/Virtue
	FoxImp -- (Daniel)??
	FlyingImp -- Maelstrom
	Rictus -- Captain Toenail
	PyroDemon -- Maelstrom
	Bormereth -- DBThanatos
	Phantom -- Maelstrom
	Lesser Mutant -- Starscream
	Azazel -- DBThanatos
	SpeedDemon -- StarScream
	FleshWizard -- Melvinflynt
	Inquisitor, Crusader Bot, Reaper Bot -- Ben2k9
	Terminator -- Vader
	Defiler -- Dreadopp, Lord_Z
	Desolator -- Dreadopp
	Zsoldier -- Mortarion
	SupremeFiend -- Raz
	SlimeWorm -- Captain Toenail
	PhaseImp -- Neo
	HellfireSoul, SurrealDemon -- Surreal Doomer
	UAC Sentry Bot Power Up & UAC Smart Bomb Weapon -- Mike "Inuyasha_989" Kasten
	zombieflyer --Captain Toenail, Ghastly Dragon
	wicked, hellion --Eriance
	quasit --Demmon Break Master
	Railbot -- Captain Toenail
	Baphomet's Eyes -- TheDarkArchon
	Horn Beast - Mr. Green & Rolls
	Undead Priest- Captain Toenail
	Inferno Demon - Maelstrom
	Aracnorb - jimmy91
	Black Widow  --CaptainBighead
	Chaingun Spider  --Captain Toenail
	Daedabus  --Vegeta, Aerial
	Cyber Imp --Kinsie
	DreamCreeper -- Juan "JacKThERiPPeR
	Golem --XutaWoo
	Jetpack Zombie --Ghastly_dragon, Captain Toenail
	Nightmare Beast --Jimmy91
	Overlord   --Eriance
	Poe -- hnsolo77,Vader Eriance
	Reaper Zombie, Unmaker Zombie, Rocket Marine Zombie --Xim
	Roach -- Ghastly_dragon
	D3ForgottenOne, Sonic Railgun Zombie,D3Cacodemon --Ghastly_dragon
	Sawed Off Shotgun Zombie, Super Flyinh Imp --Xim
	Segway Zombie --Captain Toenail
	Trite, Repeater Zombie --Ghastly_dragon
	Shadow Beast --Tormentor667
	Agaures --Dreadopp
	Tesla Coil, Blot --Captain Toenail
	Cardinal -- zrrion the insect,Jimmy, Espi, Ebola
	FreezerZombie --Xim, TheDarkArchon
	Hangman --Captain Toenail
	Moloch --ProjectAngel,Eriance, LilWhiteMouse
	NailBorg Commando--Mechadon, Xim
	ProfaneOne --ProjectAngel
	PyroImp --Dreadopp
	Demon Dog (Rottweiler) --Captain Toenail
	SniperRifleGuy --Xim
	Squire -- Woolie Wool,Vader, Jekyll Grim Payne
	ZombiePlasmaTank --  Xim,Enjay
	Swarm --LilWhiteMouse
	SuperDemon --Xim
	Paladin, Loaper, Nukage Beast --Captain Toenail
	Scourge (Boss), Chiller -- ProjectAngel
	Vampire, Frozen Imp --Maelstrom
	NetherSyst -- Unholypimpin
	Netherworld Dark Imp -- Jaeden
	Grief Elemental -- Supersonix07
	Evil Doomguy, Super Baron, Super HellKnight --Erkki-X
	Super Cyberdemon --Cherepoc
	Aldhivas --Shinu-Hazad
	Insanity Spider, Insanity Arachnophyte -- Xaser
	Hammer Hound, Hells Battery --Lil' White Mouse
	Nightshade --Tormentor667
	Shield Sphere --Captain Toenail
	Grenade Launcher Decorate --Ghastly_dragon
	Nuke Launcher Decorate --Xim
	armored baron - phobus
	Baphomet -- Xaser
	cerebus, tchernobog - dbthantos
	decepticon,sunhegor - Dac948 (?)
	bone dragon - Bouncy
	demontrickster - maelstrom
	vileking - Icytux
	lord of hell -Ben2k9
	Cyberbot -- UnTrustable
	IceBoss -- kuchikitaichou, Alterz
	Suicide Soul -- UnTrustable
	10mm zombie (zombiehenchman) --CthulhuCultist
	veste - ben2k9
	female rail, plasma, sergeant & soldier zombies - DavidRaven
	void imp, skulltag imp, imp abomination - ItsNatureToDie
	bfgcommando, KarasawaGuy - scalliano
	uacbot - virtue
	cheogh - Callum Sanderson
	heretic imp variant - virtue
	headman - Captain Toenail
	lavademon - virtue
	rotwraih -  Captain Toenail
	Maephisto - virtue
	Giant Bat, PlasmaBeam Zombie, xenodemon, hornet - Captain Toenail
	Quad-Shotgun Zombie, Machinegun ZSpecOps - Ghastly_dragon
	undead hunter - Icytux
	solardemon, vetis, DeathBringer - ChronoSeth
	Revenant Spirit, chesire, dark archvile, SmokeMonster - zrrion the insect
	Bloodlich - ichor
	archspawner - DarkDemon
	hierophant - Eriance
	shade - Jaeden
	chaoswyvern - ETTiNGRiNDER
	pustule - Captain Toenail
	dark inquisitor - ProjectAngel
	devastator zombie -scalliano
	gatekeeper - zrrion the insect
	autoshotgunguy - scalliano
	smgguy - Woolie Wool
	ArachnoBelphegor -MattBratt1
	ArachnoHellknight -MattBratt1
	Bad -Jaeden
	ArachnotronMK2 -MattBratt1
	BeamRevenant - Captain Ventris
	BFGArachnophyte -MattBratt1
	BFGArachnotron -MattBratt1
	CyberBelphegor - MattBratt1
	CyberHellKnight -MattBratt1
	DarkFlyingImp -MattBratt1
	DarkImpAbomination - MattBratt1
	Demoliphye -MattBratt1
	DevastatorAracnotron -MattBratt1
	FemaleScientist,FemaleScientist2 -MattBratt1
	ZombieScientist,ZombieScientist2 -MattBratt1
	Grell - Xaser
	InsanityArachnophyteV2 -MattBratt1
	InsanityDemoliphyte -MattBratt1
	InsanityDemolisher -MattBratt1
	InsanitySpiderV2 -MattBratt1
	InsanitySupremeFiend -MattBratt1
	NightmareMechDemon -MattBratt1
	PlasmaAfrit -MattBratt1
	PulseNailgunZombie - Zrrion the insect
	PyroZombie - scalliano
	Supremotaur -MattBratt1
	ThamuzMastermind - MattBratt1
	ThamuzV2 - MattBratt1
	ZombieScientist, ZombieScientist2 -MattBratt1
	Stalker -scalliano
	Vore - Ghastly_dragon
	Volacubi -DeVloek
	Aracnorbqueen -Yuraofthehairfan
	Greater Baron, Baron Lord - armageddon invasion