ScoreDoom Add-on Pack Extra Artifacts and Pickups

These powerups are located randomly around the map along with extra regular Doom powerups. The effects of different artifacts can add up, as players may use multiple artifacts at the same time, provided (typically), they are of different types.
SpeedGives the player a boost of speed which lasts roughly 2 minutes. Beware that the player can then outrun their own missiles!
Dark ServantUse the 'N' key to use this artifact. A large Maulator Demon is summoned to fight alongside the player. The Maulator will also score points for the player who summoned it. The Maulator lasts for roughly 1 minute. Each player may carry a total of 3 of these artifacts. *TIP: Only summon when standing still, or when walking or running at full pace.*
Half DamageReduces the damage players take to 1/2 that of normal. Lasts roughly 1 minute.
Quarter DamageReduces the damage players take to 1/4 that of normal. Lasts roughly 1 minute.
ReflectionAll damage taken by the possessor from an enemy is reflected back at the enemy X4!!
Quad DamagePlayer inflicts 4x their usual damage. Lasts approximately 1 minute.
RegeneratePlayer will heal 5 hit points of damage every few seconds until the effect wears off after roughly 1 minute.
VampirismPlayer will heal 1/2 of the damage they deal out, until the effect wears off after roughly 1 minute.
TerrorspherePlayer will frighten or 'turn' monsters so that they run away and attack less. Effect lasts approximately 30 seconds.
Time FreezerLiterally stops time, except for the player (and other team members in co-op). Effect lasts for only a few seconds.
Double DamagePlayer inflicts 2x their usual damage. Lasts approximately 1 minute.
Rage Doubles the rate of fire for a player's weapon, including melee.
SpreadAt no additional ammo cost the player fires three shots instead of one; one straight and the other two at 45 degree angles. Works with melee too.
Ammo RegenGives the player unlimited ammo for 20 seconds.
High JumpTemporarily gives the player a high-jump ability to reach areas of the map they may not be able to reach otherwise, to get equipment, secrets and keys etc... It may also be used to evade monster attacks.
Former UAC ScientistYou'll see these guys making a run for it, taking top secret UAC documents back to the forces of hell. Take them out and recapture that UAC data!
UAC DataCapture this data to get +250 bonus points. Dropped by former UAC scientists.
UAC Secret DataCapture this data to get +500 bonus points. Dropped by former UAC scientists.
UAC Top Secret DataCapture this data to get +1000 bonus points. Dropped by former UAC scientists.
UAC Sentry TurretUse the 'M' key to use to deploy a turret at a location and it will attack all demons and zombies until it is destroyed, scoring additional points for the player who deployed it. Each player may carry a total of 3 of these. *TIP: Only deploy when standing still, or when walking or running at full pace.*
UAC Smart BombA top secret weapon deployed by special forces teams to help eradicate the demon hordes. Powered by cold fusion, it creates multiple very high frequency super-sonic shockwaves directed around the player which can destroy almost all living and metallic entities within a close range, up to 1000 hit points, as long as they are in sight. Large structures and some demons are impervious to its effects. It also has a receiver which can detect fellow marine transmitters, which allows the weapon to spare them. Each player may carry a total of 3 of these. Hit Key '8' to bring the weapon up.
Big BackpackGives the player 100 bullets, 25 shells, 25 rockets and 150 plasma cells. You may also find a UAC Sentry Turret or UAC Smart Bomb inside.
Daisy the Points BunnyIf you go rabbit hunting, Daisy has 650 hit points, but players who hit it, will score quadruple damage, and therefore quadruple points (up to 650). Daisy also drops a Points Artifact. Total potential bonus points are 1215.
Points ArtifactCapture this artifact to get +500 bonus points. Dropped by Daisy the Points Bunny.
Maulator DemonSummoned when using the Dark Servant artifact, this demon ally is a ferocious, fast moving death machine which can 'level the playing field' and score the summoner a lot of points. It sticks around for about a minute or so.

Custom Content Credits:
(Disclaimer: For some monsters I've made minor alterations, like changing the health. For others I also made some other changes to help incorporate them into the mod. Also, I tried my best to give credit to the people who submitted the monsters directly. Please check out's Beastiary for more comprehensive credits. Much of the work was based on content provided by id software and others.)

		Arachnophyte		--Xaser, Quasar
		ChainsawZombie		--Bouncy, Graf Zahl
		PlasmaZombie		--Bouncy, Tormentor667
		RapidFireTrooper	--NMN, Tormentor667, Graf Zahl
		RocketGuy		--The Innocent Crew
		StealthFighter		--Obtic
		ZombieMarine		--Bouncy, Ixnatiful
		ZombieRailgunner 	--Tormentor667
		ZombieTank		--Enjay
		ChaingunMajor		--Vader
		SSGZombie		--Skulltag
		SuicideBomber		--Tormentor667
		ChaingunGuy2		--Eriance
		NamiDarkImp		--Nanami
		STDarkImp		--Vader, Nanami, Carnevil
		VoidDarkImp		--Vader, Cyb
		Devil			--Eriance
		Shadow			--Vader
		SlimeImp		--Dutch Devil
		SnakeImp		--Cyb
		StoneImp		--Espi
		SuperImp		--Optic, Graf Zahl
		Imptrite		--Neoworm
		BloodDemonClone 	--Neoworm, Carnevil, Vader
		Bloodfiend 		--Eriance
		HotDog			--Eriance
		MaulerDemon		--Eriance, Kristus, KDiZD Team
		NightmareDemon 		--AgentSpork
		PlasmaDemon		--Dutch Devil, Tormentor667
		Satyr			--Vader, Nanami
		PoisonSoul		--Neoworm
		Terror			--Tormentor667
		CacolanternClone 	--Lexus Alyus, Carnevil
		CacoLich1		--Vader
		EnhancedCacodemon 	--Tormentor667
		HellGuard 		--Espi
		HellWarrior		--Vader, Tormentor667
		Afrit			--Nanami
		ArchonOfHell		--Eriance
		BelphegorClone 		--Nanami, Carnevil
		BruiserDemon 		--Vader
		HellsFury		--Tormentor667, Vader
		LordofHeresy		--Vader, Tormentor667, Bouncy
		WarlordOfHell		--Tormentor667
		RailArachnotron 	--Tormentor667
		PlasmaElemental		--The Ultimate Doomer, The Dark Archon
		TorturedSoul		--Xaser, Assmaster
		Inferno			--Eriance
		Deathknight		--Eriance
		Incarnate		--Eriance
		Hectebus		--AgentSpork, Carnevil
		Diabloist		--Eriance
		CyberMastermind		--Nanami
		Demolisher		--Eriance
		Annihilator		--Eriance
		Soul Harvester		--Vader, Tormentor667
		Bat Familiar	-- Espi, Nanami
		Catharsi		--Tormentor667, RottKing
		Imp Warlord		--Espi, Nanami
		Ghoul			--Eriance
		Fallen			--Eriance
		Sabre Blade		--Phobos
		Warlord of Hell 	--Tormentor667
		Netherworld Drone	--Chilvence, Tormentor667
		Netherworld Queen	--Chilvence, Tormentor667
		Avatar			--Eriance
		Scourge        --Captain Toeneil
		Flame Wyvern	--Chopkinsca
		StoneDemon 		--Jimmy91
		Infernux Grand  --Mechadon
		Maxibus 		--Captain Toeneil
		SpatterTron 	--JL_Harkster
		Balor 			--Ghastly Dragon
		Ethereal Soul   --Neoworm
		HellRose 		--NeoWorm
		Thamuz			--DBThanatos, Jimmy91
		FZombieSoldier  --DBThanatos (& others?)
		LasercannonZombie --DBThanatos (& others?)
		Hellsmith & Hellsmith Apprentice --Eriance (& others?)
		Amachotron		--Jimmy91
		Malevonant		--DBThanatos,Jimmy91
		FUziGuy    		--DBThanatos (& others?)
		FCommander		--DBThanatos (& others?)
		Azanigin		--DBThanatos (& others?)
		ChaingunnerTank --Jimmy91
		ApprenticeofDsparil --Bouncy, Tormentor667
		InfernalSpider, Crackodemon	-- IcyTux
		Nailborg 		--Neoworm, Mechadon
		FusionSpider	--Tormentor667, InsanityBringer
		Vulgar			--Eriance
		Dune Warrior	--Tormentor667, Neoworm
		Watcher			--Eriance
		Hellstorm Archon --Eriance
		DBTPawn (CyberSpectre Demon) --DBThanatos & Neoworm
		Helemental       --Eriance
		ZSec Zombie			--CaptainToenail & Ghastly Dragon
		Arachno-Baron (aka ArachnotronofHell), Armored Imp --Dark_Knight
		Obsidian Statue --Ghastly Dragon
		Agathodemon --Jimmy91
		Spirit Imp -- Ghastly Dragon & Tormentor667
		Core Tentacle -- Eriance
		Thor -- Starscream
		Illus -- Ghastly Dragon
		Nightmare Cacodemon -- Bouncy, Graf Zahl
		PsychicSoul -- Maelstrom
		TornadoDemon --- Maelstrom
		DarknessRift ---Ghastly Dragon
		CyberBaron --  Ben2k9/Virtue
		FoxImp -- (Daniel)??
		FlyingImp -- Maelstrom
		Rictus -- Captain Toenail
		PyroDemon -- Maelstrom
		Bormereth -- DBThanatos
		Phantom -- Maelstrom
		Lesser Mutant -- Starscream
		Azazel -- DBThanatos
		SpeedDemon -- StarScream
		FleshWizard -- Melvinflynt
		Inquisitor, Crusader Bot, Reaper Bot -- Ben2k9
		Terminator -- Vader
		Defiler -- Dreadopp, Lord_Z
		Desolator -- Dreadopp
		Zsoldier -- Mortarion
		SupremeFiend -- Raz
		SlimeWorm -- Captain Toenail
		PhaseImp -- Neo
		HellfireSoul, SurrealDemon -- Surreal Doomer
		UAC Sentry Bot Power Up & UAC Smart Bomb Weapon -- Mike "Inuyasha_989" Kasten
		zombieflyer --Captain Toenail, Ghastly Dragon
		wicked, hellion --Eriance
		quasit --Demmon Break Master
		Railbot -- Captain Toenail
		Baphomet's Eyes -- TheDarkArchon
		Horn Beast - Mr. Green & Rolls
		Undead Priest- Captain Toenail
		Inferno Demon - Maelstrom
		Aracnorb - jimmy91
		Black Widow  --CaptainBighead
		Chaingun Spider  --Captain Toenail
		Daedabus  --Vegeta, Aerial
		Cyber Imp --Kinsie
		DreamCreeper -- Juan "JacKThERiPPeR
		Golem --XutaWoo
		Jetpack Zombie --Ghastly_dragon, Captain Toenail
		Nightmare Beast --Jimmy91
		Overlord   --Eriance
		Poe -- hnsolo77,Vader Eriance
		Reaper Zombie, Unmaker Zombie, Rocket Marine Zombie --Xim
		Roach -- Ghastly_dragon
		D3ForgottenOne, Sonic Railgun Zombie,D3Cacodemon --Ghastly_dragon
		Sawed Off Shotgun Zombie, Super Flyinh Imp --Xim
		Segway Zombie --Captain Toenail
		Trite, Repeater Zombie --Ghastly_dragon
		Shadow Beast --Tormentor667
		Agaures --Dreadopp
		Tesla Coil, Blot --Captain Toenail
		Cardinal -- zrrion the insect,Jimmy, Espi, Ebola
		FreezerZombie --Xim, TheDarkArchon
		Hangman --Captain Toenail
		Moloch --ProjectAngel,Eriance, LilWhiteMouse
		NailBorg Commando--Mechadon, Xim
		ProfaneOne --ProjectAngel
		PyroImp --Dreadopp
		Demon Dog (Rottweiler) --Captain Toenail
		SniperRifleGuy --Xim
		Squire -- Woolie Wool,Vader, Jekyll Grim Payne
		ZombiePlasmaTank --  Xim,Enjay
		Swarm --LilWhiteMouse
		SuperDemon --Xim
		Paladin, Loaper, Nukage Beast --Captain Toenail
		Scourge (Boss), Chiller -- ProjectAngel
		Vampire, Frozen Imp --Maelstrom
		NetherSyst -- Unholypimpin
		Netherworld Dark Imp -- Jaeden
		Grief Elemental -- Supersonix07
		Evil Doomguy, Super Baron, Super HellKnight --Erkki-X
		Super Cyberdemon --Cherepoc
		Aldhivas --Shinu-Hazad
		Insanity Spider, Insanity Arachnophyte -- Xaser
		Hammer Hound, Hells Battery --Lil' White Mouse
		Nightshade --Tormentor667
		Shield Sphere --Captain Toenail
		Grenade Launcher Decorate --Ghastly_dragon
		Nuke Launcher Decorate --Xim
		armored baron - phobus
		Baphomet -- Xaser
		cerebus, tchernobog - dbthantos
		decepticon,sunhegor - Dac948 (?)
		bone dragon - Bouncy
		demontrickster - maelstrom
		vileking - Icytux
		lord of hell -Ben2k9
		Cyberbot -- UnTrustable
		IceBoss -- kuchikitaichou, Alterz
		Suicide Soul -- UnTrustable
		10mm zombie (zombiehenchman) --CthulhuCultist
		veste - ben2k9
		female rail, plasma, sergeant & soldier zombies - DavidRaven
		void imp, skulltag imp, imp abomination - ItsNatureToDie
		bfgcommando, KarasawaGuy - scalliano
		uacbot - virtue
		cheogh - Callum Sanderson
		heretic imp variant - virtue
		headman - Captain Toenail
		lavademon - virtue
		rotwraih -  Captain Toenail
		Maephisto - virtue
		Giant Bat, PlasmaBeam Zombie, xenodemon, hornet - Captain Toenail
		Quad-Shotgun Zombie, Machinegun ZSpecOps - Ghastly_dragon
		undead hunter - Icytux
		solardemon, vetis, DeathBringer - ChronoSeth
		Revenant Spirit, chesire, dark archvile, SmokeMonster - zrrion the insect
		Bloodlich - ichor
		archspawner - DarkDemon
		hierophant - Eriance
		shade - Jaeden
	chaoswyvern - ETTiNGRiNDER