ScoreDoom and ScoreDoomST Bonus Packs & Other News

New Bad Ass Bosses, like the Supremator

New Bad Ass Bosses, like the Supremotaur

ScoreDoom & ScoreDoomST both have been updated with a Bonus Pack.

  • The pack contains 30 new enemies, and a second Boss Rush for Spider Masterminds,
  •  Makes the original Boss Rushes more challenging, and has various other fixes for the Add-On Pack, like removing the HellSmith & Thamuz cheap area-quake attacks.
  • gzscoredoom.exe & scoredoomst.exe both have a new dmflag variable called ‘No Altfire’ which disables alt-fire modes added by ScoreDoom
  • This gzscoredoom.exe is NOT compatible with the hi score server, The Bonus Pack is meant for your own personal games or co-op games.
  • gzscoredoom version has 2 other ‘sdcustom.ini’ files. One containing the bonus pack additions (sdcustomBonusPack.ini), and another containing everything, the bonus pack additions AND everything from version 2.x removed in version 3.x (sdcustomCombined.ini)
  • Grab from
  • See SD-BONUSPACK-README.txt and SDST-BONUSPACK-README.txt for more information and usage instructions.
  • There are 2 ScoreDoomST servers running at One on port 10666 running Ultimate Doom with the latest bonus pack content and primarily Boss Rush levels. Another on port 10667 running standard Doom2 content, but the first to 100,000 points wins. So fire up IdeSD and join in. Contact me at gkrantz <at> gmail <dot> com if you have any problems playing or connecting.

Finally I plan to get the latest version of Community Chest 4 onto the hi score server and also add some other wads over the holidays.


Pistol Start Mode Patch

ScoreDoom3.0R4Hc README
Pistol Start mode patch
Thanks to GreenHerring for finding a quirk in Pistol Start mode where the real health of the player didnt seem to get reset to starting health at the beginning of the next map, though the health status bar seemed to indicate that it was. So this patch was added to ensure that the health was definitely reset in pistol start mode.

Grab from the ‘Download’ Page on

Source Code change in g_game.cpp, under line 1192 added:
if (do_sd_piststart)
p->mo->health = p->mo->GetDefault()->health;

4 new wads added to hi-score server

Added the very fun and fresh take on doom2, ‘doom2-4xbigger.wad’:

The enemy count increases by 9 too! (see video in that thread). Grab the support files and wad itself to play with extra jump height from the download page on If you like that, check out memorial.wad too, which is upported by scoredoom high score server, all doom2 maps joined into 1 map!

The second wad is Khorus’  Ultimate Doom Episode 1 – Episode3 replacement ‘Base Ganymede Complete’ So prepare yourself for some Add-on pack Boss Rush mayhem!

Added Hellcore2.0 a revised and revamped 12 map megawad of the the original 32 map Hellcore megawad

Finally Survive in Hell (release 1), download from

Its been well accepted by the community, as an extremely well done ‘Hell Revealed’ inspired megawad.

New Shotgun Fire-modes for ScoreDoom & ScoreDoomST

Scoredoom and ScoreDoomST have been updated.

Added default alt-fires to the shotgun and supershotgun. Particularly with the add-on pack, I noticed that shotgun ammo was under utilized. The shotgun alt-fire consumes 2 shells and acts more like an accurate rifle type weapon. Supershotgun alt-fire consumes 8 shells and has a very large spread and is especially devastating at close range. These changes will make the shotgun more viable alternatives against ‘bullet sponge’ enemies.

grab the updates from the download page.

More Hi Score Server Updates, and a New Gameplay Update Coming

There is a new megawad added: Hell Awakened. Fun and hard gameplay.

It has at least one potential bug on MAP07, that can cause the player to be trapped in certain siuations, see this thread Other than that, it is worth checking out if you are looking for a challenging megawad.

Eviltech (SD Fixed) has been updated in the archive to reflect the latest version on the idgames archive.

Support for DTWID 1.1a has been added too.

GZScoredoom and ScoredoomST will both be updated soon so that the shotgun and double shotgun will have alt-fires, like the chaingun, and other stronger weapons. I noticed that shells were always under utilized. This will help make these weapons more usable against tougher enemies.

2012 Hi Score Server Update

Support for the following wads have been added: Lunatic, Jenesis, Doom the way ID Intended (DTWID), 1994 Tune Up, Phobos Revisited, Deimos Revisited, Reverie, Doom Core, Khorus’ Speedy Shit, Claustrophobia 2 and Memorial.

So there are more Ultimate Doom wads with some challenging boss rushes to take on with the add-on pack.

Memorial is basically all the Doom2 maps revised into one big map! There are some <!> icons present here and there (at the beginning at least), will look into fixing that if I get time.

Support for a version of ZPACK fixed for ScoreDoom is added as well. This version and ‘fixed’ versions for Lunatic.wad and 1994TU.wad can be grabbed from the updated file.



ScoreDoomST Master Server back up!

ScoreDoomST Master Server back up at (port 15300)!

The server was down due to a policy change with deliberately deleting accounts that they deemed not active. I was not aware of this change until recently. This meant that the server was unreachable. But the server should remain up now.


Scoredoom 3.0r4f Chain Bonus Countdown Timer Added

To keep a chain bonus going, you need to make a kill every 3 seconds. So when faced with different types of enemies and weapons, how do you decide what to do to max out points? Do you take out the Barons with the BFG, or work on the imps first with the double shotgun? This latest release has a 3 bar timer that counts down the seconds to show you how long you have left to make a kill. This should give players a better sense of timing when taking on enemies.

By default hud_spreecenter=false now in your <yourusername>-zdoom.ini file, so you will need to go in there and set it back to true to see center aligned chain counts.

Download from

ScoreDoom 3.0r4d Bug fix and Chain Counts!

Fixed a bug whereby Total Kills bonus message would keep re-appearing in some situations.
New Feature: ‘Chain Count’ stat added that counts the total monsters killed that the player has chained together successfully. This stat is also displayed in green just below the middle of the screen. The green stat can be turned off by setting hud_spreecenter=false in the zdoom-<yourusername>.ini file. Download from

Chain Count In Effect