UAC DayZ Beta Preview & ScoreDoom Source Code Releases

Finished main development on a much improved and polished version of UAC Dayz. Dogs are improved, Chenarus Winter map support, single player support (requires running dedicated local server though), bug fixes, and much more. Will include a release of a version of Crosire’s Dayz Control Center for running your own server for local, lan or internet play. Plan to have it out by april/may, along with scoredoom, scoredoomst & finally scoredoom hi score server files, to allow people to run their own hi score servers. Will also include all the hi scores to beat 🙂

FYI, if you want to post something, do it in the forums, I have literally turned off comments on the blog years ago, due to spam.

More info on UAC DayZ here in the ‘Guide’ section: 

Here are some preview shots of gameplay, on Chernarus Winter map. Would love to show more of the cool map additions that add life to Chernarus, but most of them are for surprises meant to be discovered.