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Like Doom, a game that has held my time and attention consistently is Dayz Mod. Like Doom the mod’s client and server source files were released and a vibrant community sprouted up making cool add-ons to allow the community to add their own flavor to game. will be hosting a private Dayz Server where players can also cooperatively (or not!) compete. Joining is by permission only, email me at brentguard <@> to obtain a password to the server. This is to keep out cheaters.

The server is based heavily on Vanilla Dayz. Dayz, especially Vanilla, is hardcore in that when you die you lose everything and start off at the coast again with just a bandage and painkillers. Combined with the ‘military -simulator’ mechanics of the underlying Arma 2 OA engine, you could call Dayz the closest thing to a life-like Walking Dead simulator..except the zombies run in Dayz. ScoreDoom Dayz seeks to keep the spirit of the original Dayz intact, whilst also upping the tempo slightly and adding hi score tables and a point system based on humanity & kills. With all the additional content there is also a STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl feel to it, another one of my favorite games.

ScoreDoom Dayz is built on Dayz, DayZ: Namalsk v0.741 and uses rmod addon. It is set on Arma 2’s Chernarus map. ScoreDoom Dayz pits survivors (players) not just against AI zombies, but against AI bandits.. Survivors can choose to work together or not. ScoreDoom Dayz awards points based on zombies killed, bandits killed, humanity (helping other players) and most importantly the number of days survived. See features below.

Features (beyond standard Dayz

— Map additions to create more atmosphere and back story, and to allow quicker access to loot.. but at a risk to players. These include anomalies that players can use. Are the anomalies connected to the breakout? (credits: PiXel, Poncho, hexxar, Mamu1234, Jeff, allavett)
— Players may obtain dogs. Dogs are powerful allies, but must be fed. Dogs can persist with players through a custom ‘dogtags’ inventory item. (credits: PiXel). [Additional coding by me to fix some serious bugs and added some features.]
— Bandits are a constant threat, and survivors can choose to take missions to clean up Chernarus for valuable loot if they have a map and/or radio. (credits: DZAI, DZMS, WAI) [additional coding by me to adjust bandit AI and other settings for gameplay balance]
–Play orientated towards survivors. To even the balance with AI, player survivors will ‘hear’ bandits in the area, both AI and player bandits.Humanity is a main factor in ScoreDoom scores.
— A few more vehicle spawns. Vehicles spawn undamaged, and a little more often including some new vehicles like the Armored Hummvee. This is to address balance with the bandit AI and mission system. Vehicles will still need to be fixed once they are damaged.
— Bloodsuckers: Deadly apparition like entities that can suck down your life force, are they connected to the outbreak? Bloodsuckers have been balanced in quantity to address gameplay. (credits: Dayz Namalsk)
–Blowouts: Every 3 hours or so there is an energetic blowout world wide where players need to get inside a building, or find protection. Are blowouts connected to the outbreak? (credits: Dayz Namalsk)
–Infected survivor camps with loot can be found throughout the wilderness along with the standard lootable wrecks, crashes and care packages (credits: jOoPs) [additional coding by me to fix client server issues]
— Crashing Helicopters & C130s will occasionally appear, and where they crash they can be looted. Survivors can expedient the crash if they have a firearm! (credits: Graf Zahl, Gorsy)
— Occasionally C130s will fly by dropping care packages. (credits: Graf Zahl, Gorsy)
— Additional weapons and items not in Dayz Bear traps for instance can be set to incapacitate unsuspecting bandits, as well as zombies. Radios are used to help to receive communications and intercept bandits. APSI mask is used to protect against blowouts and not need to be in buildings and more. (credits: Dayz Namalsk)
–Self Bloodbag and Self Refuel at petrol stations
–At night road flares can be used like smoke grenades to distract zombies.
–Full moon nights. Some of the stronger bandit AI will have night vision goggles, so this can help players without night vision.
–ScoreDoom Dayz Hi Score Tables: Beyond regular Dayz Stats, ScoreDoom Dayz has its own points system, based on zombies killed, bandits killed, bloodsuckers killed, days survived and humanity ( 1 point for a zombie kill, 5 for a bloodsucker and 5 for a bandit. The score = (days/hours survived) *(total points for kills + humanity points)

Some of the glitches are due to the engine itself.

–AI Bots (Bandits) will sometimes come through building walls. This is only an issue on a very few of the custom placed buildings that exist near road sides. The military barracks at the check point near Kamenka this can happen for instance. AI can’t see or shoot through walls, but occasionally if the building is a custom placed building (not hardcoded into the map data), that is near a road side, and the bot is seeking you, Arma 2’s bot AI code can act flakey and instead of coming through the front door, they can come through a wall. Something to be aware of when playing. More information here: (see bottom of thread)
–Dogs. The original code by PiXel required some workarounds to stop dogs breaking the server when the player changed their clothes. This workaround revolves logging out then back into the server, changing clothes, then whistling for the dog via the dogtags item added to their inventory. Getting the dog back after logging back in requires the dogtags item to be inventory, as well as piece of raw meat. Not perfect, but better than before. Ideally the dogs would be implemented like tents are.
–Dogs. The original code was alpha, and occasionally their movement and path finding inside buildings can be glitchy. So the dogs may require some extra whistling & attention to help them through building interiors.
–Typical Dayz Glitches: Zombies can sometimes reach through walls, they sometimes zig zag erratically due to their reliance on default Arma 2 engine path finding. The hatchet that make ricochet noises etc.. etc..

Installation (for installing Arma 2 OA & DayzMod for first time):

(First, most importantly make sure you email <> to request a server password and that you have received a password. We reserve the right to ban you outright for cheating/hacking, and you may not be able to access the server due to slots filled up.)
Grab Arma 2 & Arma 2 OA from steam (Arma 2 Complete Collection is probably best deal). Install them
Download Dayz Commander and install.
Dayz Commander should auto-detect where Arma 2 OA is, else you need to go to ‘settings and do it manually.
In Dayz Commander ‘Install/Update’ section, for ‘mods: Dayz’: select, for ‘mods: Dayz Namalsk’ select 0.741. Dayz Commander may say that they are out of date, that is ok! They may take some time to download.
Download rmod here: <>. Throw @rmod directory under your Arma 2 OA directory (see step 3). The same directory where you see @Dayz and @Dayz_Namalsk from step 4.
In Dayz Commander ‘settings’ set Additional Launch parameters value to be : -mod=@dayz;@rMod;@Dayz_Namalsk
Launch Arma 2 OA, and select Profile, and create a profile. Save it, then exit.
Go to Dayz Commander ‘favorites’ and add the IP: and port: 2302.
Double click on the server name to connect, and then add your password when prompted

Installation (for those who already have Arma 2 OA & DayZ Mod):
(First, most importantly, make sure you email <> to request a server password and that you have received a password. We reserve the right to ban you outright for cheating/hacking, and you may not be able to access the server due to slots filled up.)

Download Dayz Commander if you do not have it.
Download Scoredoom Dayz & Namalsk from here: <>. Copy @DayzSD17611 and @Dayz_NamalskSD0471 to your Arma 2 OA directory next to your regular @Dayz folder. Add the @rmod folder as well if you do not have it (this is rmod 2.1, the latest)

In Dayz Commander ‘settings’ set Additional Launch parameters value to be : -mod=@DayzSD17611;@rMod;@Dayz_NamalskSD0471
You will need to change this for other servers.
Go to Dayz Commander ‘favorites’ and add the IP: and port: 2302.
Double click on the server name to connect, and then add your password when prompted

Gameplay & Tips for survival:
ScoreDoom Dayz is a world dominated by zombies and murderous gangs of well armed bandits. You are a survivor, a hope for humanity. The world is BRUTAL, if you go into a town or city by yourself, with guns ablazing, you will die, either from a bandit’s firearm or a horde of zombies…or worse.

-Survivor Cooperation is the key.
Helping each other coordinate defense/attacks on bandits, or raiding missions in towns and cities for provisions is essential. Bandits loosely control cities, checkpoints and towns most of the time, and need to be cleared out before safely looting the area. Bandits are well armed and typically have 2-3 covering each other, which makes it difficult for one survivor to take on, unless very well equipped. Once a town or city is cleared out of bandits, you will have about 20 minutes to an hour before a new band of bandits try to reclaim the city. Points are awarded for helping other survivors, whereas points are deducted for killing other survivors

-Identifying Bandits.
Bandits always have a covered face, even player bandits. You will ‘hear’ when bandits are near. Fellow survivors may be near too, but they will will look different. If you kill a survivor, accidentally or otherwise, you will lose humanity and points. The exception are bandit leaders which will not have their face covered but are clearly identifiable from survivors.

-Bandit Infighting.
Different groups of bandits can attack each other. Wait until the carnage is over, and pick off the remaining bandits.

Newly (re-)spawned, you will be at the coast again with just a bandage and pain killers. Avoid cities and towns and instead find barns in the countryside until you link up with fellow survivors, or gain a firearm. Barns can provide food, hatchets and firearms if you are fortunate. Hatchets are a powerful means of disposing of small groups of zombies.

-Live off the land.
If you can gain a hunting knife, a box of matches from a home or a supermarket and a hatchet, you can live off the land by hunting game and cooking it with harvested wood. Soda and water containers can be found in barns. Pools and drinking wells can be found throughout Chernarus. You can also feed your dog and have it help you hunt for game.

-Get a dog.
Dogs are extremely powerful allies that can take down zombies, and even bandits that are trying to attack you. Dogs need to be fed raw meat from game animals to tame, and regularly over time to stay with you. Dogs can make hunting game very easy. There are at least 8 locations, maybe more, around chernarus where you can find dogs.

– Loot your corpse, loot bandit corpses.
If you are killed, you will have about ½ hour to respawn and find the corpse of the previous survivor you played to loot it of the items it carries. Other survivors or bandits may have already looted it before you got there. Bandit corpses can be looted too which can provide a lot of equipment.

– Zombies get confused and slow down inside buildings, use this to your advantage.

-Explore the Countryside.
Instead of risking the attention of rampaging bandits in towns and cities where some of the best equipment is, you can find some of the best, in actuality, the best, provisions and equipment tucked away in the countryside, if you are diligent. Wrecks, helicopter crash sites, care packages and abandoned survivor camps dot the landscape and can provide the best equipment in the game..

-Keep your eye out for damaged helicopters & C130s flying around that can crash at anytime. You can even help them crash by shooting at them. These crash sites can provide the best equipment in the game.

-Occasionally a C130 will parachute-drop care packages, who are these benefactors?

-Bandits and fellow survivors have parked and hidden undamaged vehicles all over Chernarus. There are about 115 locations around Chernarus where these vehicles can spawn. Some vehicles provide armor and heavy firepower useful against powerful bandits.

-Driving around Chernarus can be dangerous, not just through towns and cities, but all around Chernarus. Bandits have been known to patrol with helicopters and even armored vehicles. Occasionally bandits will have anti-armor and anti-aircraft missile launchers. Make sure that you have a toolbox and vehicle parts (engines and wheels especially) spare on the vehicles to make repairs in case it gets shot up.

-Vehicles, especially large capacity vehicles like Urals are great places to store your provisions and equipment. Tents are also a great place for strorage.

-Once bands of survivors get powerful enough they can take on missions together to clean up Chernarus. The reward is great.

-Anti Armor and Anti-Aircraft launchers can be found on bandits.

–Blowouts.Take advantage of blowouts if you have an APSI mask. Bandits that do not have APSI masks will remained incapacitated for a short time as well receive damage.

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