Another Bonus Pack Update.

Thanks to a forum member for pointing out some cool custom enemies that come from the creative mod developers in the modern doom community like Sergeant Mark IV and his Brutal Doom, and Eriance with his Demon Eclipse mod. Both amazing examples of what can be done with modern source ports like ZDoom & Zandronum. This sort of gave me a second wind to make another update.

If you havent checked out these mods, I highly recommend them.

This update has a real cool new boss, it is a Cyberdemon replacement called Juggernaut from Brutal Doom. It will show up in the Cyberdemon Boss Rush chain as well.


If the Juggernaut is not shredding you with it’s dual heavy chainguns, or its rocket delivery system, it will flatten you with it’s tank tracks, so dont get too close. Its amazing to see the tricks that people can use in the AI modding available in Zdoom engine to pull off cool behaviour, and this enemy is no exception.

There is the Corpulent, AracKnight, and Guardian from Demon Eclipse, as well as an awesome sprite update to the Inferno from that mod. Eriance’s spriting talent with these enemies is amazing. Like with the Juggernaut some changes were made to balance the new enemies with the rest in the pack, The Corpulent fires rockets now.

Finally there is the Zombie Missile Tank from Realm667 which I missed in my last update, as well as a fix for the PyroImp’s tacky death animation  which looked like crap. Also remove the ‘Bad’ flying skulls with wings, they also looked stiff and crappy.

This is for regular ScoreDoom only, not ScoreDoomST



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