ScoreDoom 7 Year Anniversary Bonus Pack Release

Wow, Scoredoom is now 7 years old. Time flies, and after finishing development of the mod a few years ago, the mod’s Bonus Pack has been updated a few times since then, to add more variety of enemies to the action, which this 7 year anniversary release culminates with. A russian modder has expressed interest in porting  ScoreDoom to Zandronum when Zandronum 2.0 comes out, and I will update here when development is underway. I will have no involvement in that development.

Scoredoom started out as a personal hobby to make my favorite game more fun, and re-playable. What started out as an arcade style scoring system with local hi score tables, evolved into online hi score tables and optional custom enemies and power-ups (artifacts) with the ScoreDoom Add-On Pack, along with a competitive cooperative multiplayer scoring mode. This content, along with the ScoreDoom announcer voice (The Bloodbath announcer from the epic game Blood), was derived from the many wad authors and content creators in the Doom community, some of which borrowed content from older games like Blood and Duke Nukem 3D etc… The impetus behind Scoredoom was to extend the fun of the original Doom, without changing it. So more time as been spent tweaking gameplay balance and enemy selection with the Add-on Pack and Bonus Packs to keep the feel more ‘Doom-like’, than actually developing the mod itself, due to the sheer amount of new enemies (nearly 400 now). You can change and tweak these custom enemy and barrel and artifact selections through the sdcustom…. .ini files to your hearts content.

You can grab the Jubilee release from:

There are now 2 bat files included, one called gzscoredoom-bonuspack.bat to launch the ‘official’ playtested Add-on pack and Bonus pack enemies and powerups, and the second called gzscoredoom-combined.bat which basically loads pretty much everything in the add-on pack and bonus-packs.

gzscoredoom-bonuspack.bat is recommended. The selections in the sdcustomBonusPack.ini in this release have been heavily worked on to be even more ‘Doom-like’ without losing variety and keeping the gameplay challenging.

This release is the culmination of the last 2 recent releases,and thanks to BrickGolem for the tip, 8 new enemies have been added, and the Cyberdemon and Baron Of Hell ‘Boss Rush’ chains have been lengthened even more. A new barrel replacement is included as well, a Plasma Tech Barrel that can cause some extra mayhem. To play on the hi score server, you cannot use the Bonus Pack, but the Add-On Pack is fine.

The ‘F.A.Q.’ section, ‘Gameplay Concept’ sections and Forums on have a ton of information and help on scoredoom and the nuances of the sdcustom…ini files and other configurations. But here are some extra tips:

  • Newer wads may not work with ScoreDoom, this is because they may contain a ‘MAPINFO’ lmp section that ScoreDoom’s older ZDoom based engine cant read. Easiest way to fix this, is grab SLumpEd from, open up the wad and select the MAPINFO section and delete it, and save the wad.
  • In the sdcustom…ini files, setting sd_artifact_chance to a value lower than the default 7 (0 means no artifacts) is probably preferable for regular wads, but for harder wads like Hell Revealed, 7 is usually best.
  • sd_kill_artifact_chance is the chance that when a monster dies it will drop an artifact. default is 0, but can be used in conjunction with sd_artifact_chance which is the chance a monster drops an artifact when it spawns.
  • When playing the SpiderMastermind Boss Rush on map E3M8 ‘Dis’, once in a great while, the next spawning Flying Boss may ‘disappear’. It hasn’t, it will spawn at the location where the original boss appeared but up in the air above the ceiling, just fire a weapon to get it to ‘see’ you.
  • Try adding MadBarrel=1 to the ExplosiveBarrelReplacements section, and setting sd_rep_explosivebarrel_chance=100 in the sdcustom..ini files for some fun 🙂
  • If you don’t care about local or online hi scores, setting sp_random_custom_monsters=true in the sdcustom…ini files will randomize custom enemy replacements per play, just like in multiplayer competitive cooperative.
  • Yes, gzscoredoom (as well as ScoreDoomST) can be played multiplayer competitive cooperative, which it is also designed for and is recommended over a LAN or fast internet for 2 to 4 players. Make sure that all players are loading the same sdcustom…. ini file.

For a host player at to play a 2 player game to start on map 3 of Deus Vult, the command line would be something like:

gzscoredoom.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file sdgldefs.pk3 dv.wad -host 2 -warp 3 -skill 4 -netmode 1 +dmflags 1048576 -sdmconfig sdcustombonuspack.ini

For the joining player(s), the command line would be like:

gzscoredoom.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file sdgldefs.pk3 dv.wad -join -warp 3 -skill 4 -netmode 1 +dmflags 1048576 -sdmconfig sdcustombonuspack.ini

Note that its assumed that the add on pack and bonus packs are in the skins directory. The sdgldefs.pk3 wad is required to fully use opengl lighting within the game, and cannot be loaded from the skins directory.

Anyways, thanks to everyone for posting hi scores on the Hi Score Server for me to try and beat (The Green Herring I hate you! ;-P) as well as all the feedback over the last 7 years. Cheers & Adios!


Another Bonus Pack Update.

Thanks to a forum member for pointing out some cool custom enemies that come from the creative mod developers in the modern doom community like Sergeant Mark IV and his Brutal Doom, and Eriance with his Demon Eclipse mod. Both amazing examples of what can be done with modern source ports like ZDoom & Zandronum. This sort of gave me a second wind to make another update.

If you havent checked out these mods, I highly recommend them.

This update has a real cool new boss, it is a Cyberdemon replacement called Juggernaut from Brutal Doom. It will show up in the Cyberdemon Boss Rush chain as well.


If the Juggernaut is not shredding you with it’s dual heavy chainguns, or its rocket delivery system, it will flatten you with it’s tank tracks, so dont get too close. Its amazing to see the tricks that people can use in the AI modding available in Zdoom engine to pull off cool behaviour, and this enemy is no exception.

There is the Corpulent, AracKnight, and Guardian from Demon Eclipse, as well as an awesome sprite update to the Inferno from that mod. Eriance’s spriting talent with these enemies is amazing. Like with the Juggernaut some changes were made to balance the new enemies with the rest in the pack, The Corpulent fires rockets now.

Finally there is the Zombie Missile Tank from Realm667 which I missed in my last update, as well as a fix for the PyroImp’s tacky death animation  which looked like crap. Also remove the ‘Bad’ flying skulls with wings, they also looked stiff and crappy.

This is for regular ScoreDoom only, not ScoreDoomST