Bonus Pack updated, and the (possible) future of ScoreDoom

So, I decided to add some new monsters to the Bonus Pack. The new version is ‘2bb’, I wanted to call it v2b but the old version was already called that :P. This is only for regular Scoredoom (gzscoredoom), not ScoreDoomST.

Anyways, thanks to Realm667 and a little free time:  Minigunner, Former Ranger, Shadow Trooper, Baby Cacodemon, Former Scientists Pack 2, Hazmat Zombie, Phantasm, Exterminator ,Blood Skull, Rifle Commando, Weakener & Slaughterous have been added to the bonus pack. Actually, due to the age of the current scoredoom build a few of the monsters needed compatibility tweaking, as well as other tweakening to fit into Scoredoom. In some cases, unfortunately, this requires a more simplified AI, due to newer features not supported by the older engine (Over 5 years old now).

The good news is Scoredoom & ScoreDoomST is in the process of being ported over to the latest versions of gzdoom and zandoranum by a russian developer. There is no ETA, since they are waiting on Zandoranum 2.0 to come out first. I will not be involved in any development or support for that release.

Back to this release, the other change when using this new bonus pack is that the  Repulse sphere will not cause the screen to go gold. It now dims the screen a little like with the half damage and quarter damage powerups. Felt the gold screen was a bit OTT for this powerup 🙂

You can grab it from the download page at



Check out the SD-BONUSPACK-README.txt in the archive first.

You will notice that there are multiple  ‘ini’ files that you can use to configure custom content with scoredoom. The readme above goes into it on how to set everything up. Some of the add-on pack content had been deprecated, and the use of sdcustomBonusPack.ini is recommended, but if you want to see virtually every custom monster and powerup available in Scoredoom, you can create you own ini file:

1. For each entry from sdcustomCombined.ini from ArtiReplacements section and down, copy the lines from that section and into the equivalent section in sdcustomBonusPack.ini.

2. Check for any duplicates (this doesnt really matter, but you can remove duplicates if you want, as duplicates only merely double the chance of a monster or powerup occurring). If you are using Bonus Pack, use ShieldSphereBP instead of ShieldSphere, if you dont like the Gold screen color when Repulse is activated.

3. Save the ini to a new file name. You can use ‘sdcustom.ini’ for scoredoom to load it w.o. needing a bat file.

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