Bonus Pack Updated and Info for Running ScoreDoomST Servers

gzscoredom and scoredoomst bonus packs have been updated to include several new monsters, thanks to the contributors at Realm667 and others! A couple showcased below:

Volacubi, mancubi who can fly

Arachnorb Queen, bossy new boss

The bonus pack is not compatible with the gzscoredoom hi score server. Usage:

'gzscoredoom -file sdgldefs.pk3 -sdmconfig sdcustomBonusPack.ini'

Or rename sdcustomBonusPack.ini to sdcustom.ini to load bonus pack content by default.

For including on scoredoomST server, please check out ‘SDST-BONUSPACK-README.txt’ in the archive for instructions.

On the topic of ScoreDoomST servers, after much playing myself, I have seen that the current  Skulltag 0.97c2 codebase that ScoreDoomST is built on just does not cut it when playing with the add-on pack & bonus pack with wads like Hell Revealed 2.

Once the monster count gets high (like MAP07 of HR2), the server gets noticeably unstable with all the add-on pack content, and you can expect frequent crashes. Not sure what is causing it, or if running on better hardware helps (doubtful), but its safe to assume, that when playing wads with high monster counts, you should either not play with the packs, or play with a stripped down enemy selection.

‘Regular’ wads and levels with ‘standard’ mnonster counts(like Doom 2) should be much more stable with the packs.

A solution would be to upgrade to the code base to use Zandronum, but this will not happen. Another solution if you want to play co-op with a friend on LAN or both on fast internet, is to use gzscoredoom. That should be fine as long as both players have fast network and can coordinate the connection steps.

So if you want to play slaughtermaps with scoredoomst with add-on/bonus-pack content, just edit the custom monster config for the server and only include the enemies you really like , and see if that helps stability.