More Updates, Memorial.wad support and even better Boss Rush

Memorial.wad, all Doom 2 maps combined into 1 level

Scoredoom and ScoreDoomST have both been updated, along with their bonus packs. Grab from

By default all scoring notifications and messages appear centered in the HUD, opposed to being on the left. This suits the mod much better.

For gzscoredoom, memorial.wad is now properly supported with a new compatibility flag you can turn on (via options-> compatibility flags menu) which fixes the hitscan bug for that wad. So go ahead and set a hi score for that bad boy. Grab it from:

Boss Rush for gzscoredoom and scoredoomst have been improved some more. More enemies, and Boss Rush for scoredoomst has been optimized to make the server more stable for clients to join during Boss Rush. For ScoreDoomST the bonus pack is now called SD-BONUSPACKV2.WAD

Finally the Hi Score Server supports the latest Community Chest 4 version that came out.



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