ScoreDoom and ScoreDoomST Bonus Packs & Other News

New Bad Ass Bosses, like the Supremator

New Bad Ass Bosses, like the Supremotaur

ScoreDoom & ScoreDoomST both have been updated with a Bonus Pack.

  • The pack contains 30 new enemies, and a second Boss Rush for Spider Masterminds,
  •  Makes the original Boss Rushes more challenging, and has various other fixes for the Add-On Pack, like removing the HellSmith & Thamuz cheap area-quake attacks.
  • gzscoredoom.exe & scoredoomst.exe both have a new dmflag variable called ‘No Altfire’ which disables alt-fire modes added by ScoreDoom
  • This gzscoredoom.exe is NOT compatible with the hi score server, The Bonus Pack is meant for your own personal games or co-op games.
  • gzscoredoom version has 2 other ‘sdcustom.ini’ files. One containing the bonus pack additions (sdcustomBonusPack.ini), and another containing everything, the bonus pack additions AND everything from version 2.x removed in version 3.x (sdcustomCombined.ini)
  • Grab from
  • See SD-BONUSPACK-README.txt and SDST-BONUSPACK-README.txt for more information and usage instructions.
  • There are 2 ScoreDoomST servers running at One on port 10666 running Ultimate Doom with the latest bonus pack content and primarily Boss Rush levels. Another on port 10667 running standard Doom2 content, but the first to 100,000 points wins. So fire up IdeSD and join in. Contact me at gkrantz <at> gmail <dot> com if you have any problems playing or connecting.

Finally I plan to get the latest version of Community Chest 4 onto the hi score server and also add some other wads over the holidays.


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