New Shotgun Fire-modes for ScoreDoom & ScoreDoomST

Scoredoom and ScoreDoomST have been updated.

Added default alt-fires to the shotgun and supershotgun. Particularly with the add-on pack, I noticed that shotgun ammo was under utilized. The shotgun alt-fire consumes 2 shells and acts more like an accurate rifle type weapon. Supershotgun alt-fire consumes 8 shells and has a very large spread and is especially devastating at close range. These changes will make the shotgun more viable alternatives against ‘bullet sponge’ enemies.

grab the updates from the download page.

More Hi Score Server Updates, and a New Gameplay Update Coming

There is a new megawad added: Hell Awakened. Fun and hard gameplay.

It has at least one potential bug on MAP07, that can cause the player to be trapped in certain siuations, see this thread Other than that, it is worth checking out if you are looking for a challenging megawad.

Eviltech (SD Fixed) has been updated in the archive to reflect the latest version on the idgames archive.

Support for DTWID 1.1a has been added too.

GZScoredoom and ScoredoomST will both be updated soon so that the shotgun and double shotgun will have alt-fires, like the chaingun, and other stronger weapons. I noticed that shells were always under utilized. This will help make these weapons more usable against tougher enemies.