2012 Hi Score Server Update

Support for the following wads have been added: Lunatic, Jenesis, Doom the way ID Intended (DTWID), 1994 Tune Up, Phobos Revisited, Deimos Revisited, Reverie, Doom Core, Khorus’ Speedy Shit, Claustrophobia 2 and Memorial.

So there are more Ultimate Doom wads with some challenging boss rushes to take on with the add-on pack.

Memorial is basically all the Doom2 maps revised into one big map! There are some <!> icons present here and there (at the beginning at least), will look into fixing that if I get time.

Support for a version of ZPACK fixed for ScoreDoom is added as well. This version and ‘fixed’ versions for Lunatic.wad and 1994TU.wad can be grabbed from the updated SDFixedWadsFiles.zip file.