ScoreDoomST Master Server back up!

ScoreDoomST Master Server back up at (port 15300)!

The server was down due to a policy change with deliberately deleting accounts that they deemed not active. I was not aware of this change until recently. This meant that the server was unreachable. But the server should remain up now.


Scoredoom 3.0r4f Chain Bonus Countdown Timer Added

To keep a chain bonus going, you need to make a kill every 3 seconds. So when faced with different types of enemies and weapons, how do you decide what to do to max out points? Do you take out the Barons with the BFG, or work on the imps first with the double shotgun? This latest release has a 3 bar timer that counts down the seconds to show you how long you have left to make a kill. This should give players a better sense of timing when taking on enemies.

By default hud_spreecenter=false now in your <yourusername>-zdoom.ini file, so you will need to go in there and set it back to true to see center aligned chain counts.

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