ScoreDoom 3.0r4d Bug fix and Chain Counts!

Fixed a bug whereby Total Kills bonus message would keep re-appearing in some situations.
New Feature: ‘Chain Count’ stat added that counts the total monsters killed that the player has chained together successfully. This stat is also displayed in green just below the middle of the screen. The green stat can be turned off by setting hud_spreecenter=false in the zdoom-<yourusername>.ini file. Download from

Chain Count In Effect

ScoreDoom 3.0R4 Gets A New Look

I finally got around to fixing ScoreDoom to use GZDoom’s awesome alternative HUD. Its a much slicker and informative layout. The old HUD I never really liked much.

3.0R4 also awards total kills, total secrets, total barrels and total items bonuses as they are accomplished, but are still scored at the end of the level.

Here is a preview with a description:

New Hud

The new HUD is built using GZDoom's awesome Alternative HUD.

K, I, S, B are the Kill, Item, Secret and Barrel counts for the level.

LS, WS are the Level Scores and Wad Scores. If you are taking on a hi score in single player, or trailing in co-op, the leader’s name is shown along with the spread that you are behind by.

TL is the time left before the scoredoom par time is hit for the level, whereby you will get serious penalties for not finishing the level.

MD is the game mode in single player. It can be RG for Regular mode, or a combination of HC for Hardcore mode, PS for Pistol Start mode, NI for No-Infighting mode (also means monsters dont damage each other as well)

Grab from download page.


scoreDoom3.0R4 README
-Install into a separate directory.  **Save Games & net games ARE NOT compatibile with earlier
versions of ScoreDoom.**

-Default HUD now based on Gzdoom’s Alternative HUD. Old HUD can be retrieved by setting
Options->Display Options->Alternative HUD to ‘off’
See FAQ page on for more information on the new HUD

-For Single Player, total barrels, total secrets, total items & total monster bonuses are
given as they are accomplished,  but are still scored at the end of the level.