ScoreDoom patched to 3.0r3b, Wad Fixes archive updated

  • Fixed bug in Pistol Start mode where autosaves would disable online hi scoring.
  • added a fix for the above in offline mode too for save games.
  • HUD now shows ‘Pistol Start Mode’ like for Hardcore & No Infighting modes
  • Purple ‘Online Hi Scoring Disabled’ text expanded to help newbies a little more


Also the file has a required update for playing with Doomsday of UAC (UAC_DEAD.wad).

Grab from the download page

ScoreDoom Updated to 3.0r3: New ‘Pistol Start’ Mode. SDST Updated to R5d

  • Whole new game mode: Pistol Start Mode. This is aimed at players wanting to compete properly on level hi-scores. Each new level resets the player’s inventory to default. Pistol Start Mode also has it’s own regular, hardcore, non-infighting, and hardcore-non-infighting modes. You can also set wad hi scores in this mode. You’ll need to turn this mode on in the ScoreDoom Setup options screen.

(NOTE: Pistol Start Modes saves are not compatible with non-Pistol Start mode saves.)

  • coop death penalty configurable via cvar: sv_coopdeath_penalty (default: 1000) (SDST R5d too)
  • boss cube spawned monsters now also can drop powerups with add-on pack.
  • add on pack: repulsion sphere now at the proper (longer) duration, surreal demon radius quake gone (SDST R5d too).

You will need this add-on pack version to play on the hi score server.

Grab all this from the download page.