ScoreDoom Patched to 3.0r2d

ScoreDoom ADD-ON PACK has been patched, you will need this version for the hi score server. Previous save games will be fine.

ScoreDoom has received yet another patch to support the popular wad UAC Ultra, which had a bug in MAP07. You will also need the fixed uacultra.wad contained in the ‘Wad Fixes’ archive on the download page.

ScoreDoomST does not fully support voodoo dolls online, so this patch is for Scoredoom only.

ScoreDoom gets a Blog

Hello. I figured I would take advantage of my new host’s wordpress software and use it to replace the old news page. The old news page is here

Scoredoom 3.0 & ScoreDoomST 0.07c2-R5 recently had a couple of updates to add support for 2 real cool wads, uac_dead.wad (Doomsday of UAC) & dbimpact.wad (Double Impact).

The blog will also be used for promoting any SDST games that I plan to host, as well as posts reviewing the different wads & levels on the hi score server from a ScoreDoom perspective.